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Z Mini Series

Built into attractive slim "half-width" cases and styled to complement the Z Series, the Mini Z Series was conceived to provide a range of products to enhance and extend the capabilities of the Z Series - all at affordable prices. The first product in the Mini Z range is the Z20 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC).


Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing

Z20 DACAdd to Basket - £395.00

Z20 DACAdd to Basket - £395.00



The Z20 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) provides the perfect solution to high quality reproduction of digital audio, from whatever source. It can be the interface between a PC, Mac or laptop and your hi-fi system, and it can provide a sonic upgrade to the stereo sound from your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player.

The Z20’s design features:
  • Coaxial (S/PDIF), Optical (Toslink) and USB (2.0) inputs
  • All inputs 192kHz/24bit capable
  • Asynchronous USB receiver isolates the Z20’s DAC from computer clock jitter, resulting in clean precise sound
  • All sources, at any bit-rate, are asynchronously up-sampled to 192kHz/24bit for accurate reproduction
  • High end Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip – as used in Myryad MX CD players
  • Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products

The Z20 is the first Myryad product in the new Zmini Series – featuring similar styling to the new Z200s, but in a half-width case.



Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing


Add to Basket - £395.00

Add to Basket - £395.00


The environment within a PC or other computer is inherently noisy and digital audio output streams are subject to jitter. The Z20 DAC employs double isolation to ensure a clean audio signal from its USB input. First an asynchronous USB receiver is employed which re-times the audio data according to one of the two low-jitter master clocks (one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz and one for 48/96/192 kHz). After that comes an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter which up-samples all incoming audio streams (USB, coaxial and optical) to 192kHz/24bit. This further reduces clock jitter and produces a constant high speed data stream for the DAC chip itself.

The Z20 uses the same Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip as Myryad’s high-end MXC7000 CD player. The CS4398 is a fifth order delta-sigma converter which delivers wide dynamic range, low noise and low distortion. It actually contains four separate DACs – with push-pull outputs for each of the stereo channels. Each output feeds a differential-input low-pass analogue filter using a high-speed low-distortion FET input op-amp, close-tolerance metal film resistors and precision polypropylene film/foil capacitors. This arrangement suppresses ground-related noise from the DAC and delivers the cleanest possible audio output. To ensure no degradation of this pristine audio signal there is no coupling capacitor in the signal path to the output jacks. Instead a second high-speed low-distortion FET input op-amp is used to provide a “DC servo” to eliminate DC on the line outputs.

The power supply employs a low-noise toroidal mains transformer with separate windings for analogue and digital circuitry. It is mounted inside a steel screening enclosure to reduce any magnetic interaction even further. The transformer is of a special low-idle-power design so the Z20 draws less than 0.5W of power in standby – without the need for a separate standby transformer.

A total of 10 separate power supply regulators are used in the Z20, each optimised for its own task. They ensure that high-speed digital processing devices are isolated from each other and that no noise from these circuits can affect the analogue audio side. There is a separate high-isolation power supply solely for the master crystal clocks to maintain the lowest possible jitter.


Add to Basket - £395.00

Add to Basket - £395.00


Digital input sources

USB (2.0), S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF optical

Digital input word lengths supported

16 – 24 bits

Digital input sampling frequencies supported

44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz

Digital upsampling - asynchronous

to 24bit 192kHz

D/A Converter

Cirrus CS4398 24bit DAC

Analogue filter

Low noise 3-pole dual differential

Frequency response (20Hz – 20kHz)


THD @ 1kHz 0dBFs, 24bit


Signal-to-Noise ratio (A weighted)


Output level

2.4 Vrms

Output impedance


Dimensions (w x h x d)

205 x 56 x 228mm

Weight (net)



Natural Silver fascia with Silver Grey casing or Satin Black fascia with Black Casing.


Add to Basket - £395.00

Add to Basket - £395.00

Z40 Headphone Amplifier


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High quality headphones can deliver the very best sound quality while providing isolation from external noises. To get the full benefit from the best headphones you need a top quality headphone amplifier - and that is why the Myryad Z40 was developed.

  • Four line inputs - can be the centre of a headphones-based hi-fi system
  • Line output allowing the Z40 to double as a preamp to drive speakers via a separate power amp
  • Gain switch on rear allows gain to be optimised for different headphones or preamp use - while allowing the volume control to be used in the middle of its range
  • Discrete pure class A circuitry ensures very low distortion and excellent sound quality
  • DC coupled throughout - no capacitors in the signal path
  • Two ¼" (6.35mm) headphone output jacks, each capable of driving headphones from 32W to 600W impedance (3.5mm adaptors supplied)
  • Output DC protection prevents damage to fragile headphones
  • Myryad "Smart My-Link®" for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products



Anodised Black fascia with Black casing Anodised Silver fascia with Silver-Grey casing


The Z40 Headphone Amplifier can drive all types of headphones (except nelectrostatic) at any sound level, with negligible noise and distortion.n It is equipped with two headphone jacks, so listening doesn't have to nbe a solitary experience. Built into the compact and stylish Myryad nZmini case, its four inputs can make the Z40 the core of a mini personaln hi-fi system.

Dynamic headphones are small, low-power nloudspeakers. As such they need small low-power power amplifier to ndrive them. This is the approach we took with the Z40, using the same ndiscrete technology as the Z240 amplifier, but tailored to the lower npower level and refined to deliver the best possible sound quality.

Then Z40's amplifier is built around Myryad's renowned DC5 (*) circuit configuration, here configured for pure Class A operation to deliver nthen finest resolution of low level musical signals. As with any power amplifier, the design of the power supply is critical. The Z40's power supply uses a custom designed toroidal power transformer (shielded by a steel enclosure to reduce its tiny external magnetic field even more), high-speed "Schottky" rectifiers and Nichicon audiophile-grade nreservoirn capacitors. Finally, to make absolutely certain that the nsensitive parts of the amplifier are not disturbed by noise or ndistortion from then power supplies, the input stages of the amplifier nare fed from their own low-noise, low impedance regulated power nsupplies.

The Z40's amplifier is DC coupled throughout to nensure absolute transparency. A DC servo circuit maintains negligible nDC offset at the outputs which might otherwise compromise headphone nperformance. In addition a manually adjusted current-balancing circuit nis employed at the input to ensure that no DC current can flow back ninto the volume control, maintaining silent operation of the volume ncontrol over many years of use.

The Z40 can drive two pairs nof headphones via ¼" (6.35mm) headphone jacks with gold-plated contactsn (3.5mm adaptors are supplied) - fed via an output relay which mutes nthe headphones output during switch on and off. Further protection is nprovided for fragile headphones by a sensitive DC detector circuit nwhich disconnects the headphones in the unlikely event of an extended nDC output.

Input selection is done by relays with gold-plated ncontacts - exactly as in Myryad's high-end MX Series. The selected nsignal is sent directly to a motorised volume control allowing remote noperation if desired.

Finally the Z40 is equipped with Myryad n"Smart My-Link®" providing intelligent system operation with all other nMyryad Z Series and MX Series products.

  •  Double Complementary Cross-Coupled Cascoded Current feedback



High quality headphones can deliver the very best sound quality while providing isolation from external noises. To get the full benefit from the best headphones you need a top quality headphone amplifier - and that is why the Myryad Z40 was developed.

InputsCD/DAC, NET, Tuner, Phono
Maximum output leveln 32W load >= 4 Vrms (500 mW)
600W load >= 8 Vrms (107 mW)
Gain (at maximum volume)High: +14 dB
Low: +4 dB
Input impedance20 kW
Frequency response (20Hz - 20kHz)±0.1dB
THD (1 Vrms output into 32W)<=0.001%
Signal-to-Noise ratio (A weighted, ref. 1V rms output)High gain: 106 dB
Low gain: 115 dB
Output impedanceHeadphones outputs: <0.5 W
Line output: 75 W
Dimensions (w x h x d)215 x 56 x 228mm
FinishNatural Silver fascia with Silver Grey casing
or Satin Black fascia with Black casing.