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Statement About ONIX Logo Change

Since Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development co., LTD purchased all portions and trademarks of the British ONIX company, we were focused on revitalizing the brand, attempting to create a small dedicated high-end Hi-Fi brand, that would be worthy of carrying ONIX name into the future.

However, our hard work on revitalizing the ONIX brand was stopped by the third party and their ulterior motives. By exploiting loopholes in legal documents connected to the trademark purchase and transfer, they managed to block our rights for the ONIX trademark in UK and European Union, subsequently forcing us to stop any sales on European market.

Due to these trademark litigations preventing us from rebuilding ONIX brand, we were forced to change and re-register ONIX brand under new trademark ""

(WIPO/MADRID registration number:1280090). We applied this new trademark to the whole original product line of ONIX and in year 2016, new trademark has been successfully registered in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, United States, Russia, Singapore, Australia and many other countries.

We still have full rights for the ONIX brand trademarks in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China, where they are protected by Chinese trademark laws. Our company reserves the right to investigate the legal liability of any malicious defamation of our company.

We will continue to follow heritage of ONIX brand, with its focus on exceptional craftmanship, research and development, to create best Hi-Fi products for audio enthusiasts! We hope our brand will continue to receive your attention and support.